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Honorary Patron

Mr Tony Allcock OBE

Honorary President

Mr David Creech

Honorary Vice Presidents

Mr A G Fuller BSc MRCVS, Mrs E Evans, Mr W Harris, Mr K Jessup


Chairman: Mr Brian Limpus

Vice-Chairman: Mr Chris Briggs

Honorary Secretary: Mr Mark Elliott

Assistant Honorary Secretary: Mrs Leanne Marshallsay

Honorary Treasurer: Mr Kevin Cooper

Assistant Treasurer: Mr Marc Smith

Show Manager: Mr Chris Briggs

Assistant Show Manager: Mr Simon Marshallsay

Chief Steward: Mrs Viv Waycott

Committee Members

Mrs T Anscombe, Mr M Bragg, Mr C Briggs, Mr K Burdett-Coutts, Mrs A Cooper,

Mr W Harris, Mr K Jessup, Miss Char John, Mr S Marshallsay, Mr B McCabe-Bell, Mr S McCabe-Bell,

Mr M Sandy, Mr M Smith, Mrs V Waycott, Miss P Wynter

Committee at the 2022 Show

Back Row L-R: Tracey Anscombe, Mark Sandy

Middle Row L-R: Kevin Burdett-Coutts, Simon Marshallsay, Bryan McCabe-Bell

Front Row L-R: Poppy Wynter, Kevin Cooper, Stuart McCabe-Bell, Mark Elliott, Brian Limpus, Leanne Marshallsay, Viv Waycott, Chris Briggs, Char John


Mr Brian Limpus (Chairman) top

Brian Limpus

The Chairperson is responsible for making sure that each meeting is planned effectively, conducted according to the constitution and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner. The Chairperson must make the most of all his/her committee members, building and leading the team. Brian is also our judge selector for the Gundog Group

Mr Chris Briggs (Show Manager and Vice Chairman) top

Chris Briggs

The Show Manager's role is to manage the smooth running of the show ensuring times are adhered to and the show team is properly supported. Chris is also our judge selector for the Working and Pastoral Groups

Mr Mark Elliott (Honorary Secretary) top

Mark Elliott

The role of the Honorary Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee. In summary, the Honorary Secretary is responsible for ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted, maintaining effective records and club administration. Mark is also the judge selector for the Toy Group

Mrs Leanne Marshallsay (Assistant Honorary Secretary and Trade Stand Manager) top

Leanne Marshallsay

Leanne’s role is to assist and support the Honorary Secretary in their role and manage the booking and organisation of trade stands. Leanne is also our judge selector for the Terrier Group

Mr Kevin Cooper (Honorary Treasurer) top

Kevin Cooper

The Honorary Treasurer is responsible for handling the money raised at events, making approved payments and making arrangements for counting of money at events. The Honorary Treasurer should report on the current financial position at each committee meeting and this is recorded in the committee meeting minutes

Mr Marc Smith (Assistant Treasurer) top

Marc Smith

Marc’s role is to support and work closely with the treasurer in the effective execution of their duties

Mrs Viv Waycott (Chief Stewards) top

Viv Waycott

The role of Chief Steward is to organise and effectively manage the stewards team and collect and collate all results for the show. If you are looking for steward appointments for judge progression or would like to steward for us this year, please drop Viv an email.

Mr Simon Marshallsay (Assistant Show Manager) top

Simon Marshallsay

The Assistant Show Manager works closely with the Show Manager overseeing and organising all aspects of the show and the show ground

Mrs Alison Cooper (Judges Hospitality) top

Alison Cooper

Alison takes great care of our Judges and stewards ensuring everyone receives that true Paignton greeting

Mr Bryan McCabe-Bell (Show Hospitality Manager) top

Bryan McCabe-Bell

The role of the Show Hospitality Manager is to effectively manage a small team of volunteers to assist exhibitors through the day

Mr Stuart McCabe-Bell (Communications Manager) top

Stuart McCabe-Bell

The role of the Communications Manager is to work closely with our PA system supplier to bring you clear and concise updates throughout the show as well as comparing the Group and Best In Show ring. Stuart is also our judge selector for the Hound Group

Mr Mark Sandy (Social Media Officer) top

Mark Sandy

The role of Social Media Officer is to run all of the associations media accounts bringing news and content to our media platforms

Miss Char John top

Char John

Char will be joining the show management team as-well as coordinating the Working Group Judges

Miss Poppy Wynter top

Poppy Wynter

Poppy is part of the Stewarding Team

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